Monday, 21 January 2013

Learning Silhouette #2 - Master Rotoscoping with SilhouetteFX

I'm progressed with understanding of Rotoscoping and DVD itself.

I've learnt how to deal with the rotoscpoing multiply object in the scene. What strategies to use and how to approach scene more efficiently.  Tutorial also covers aspects like motion blur, blur, extracting mattes.

Tutor prefers to work from background towards foreground.
First I've creating roto for water, then wood in the water and the railings on the foreground.

Here's example of railings and wood.

The next step I've done is rotoscoping in conjunction with tracking. I am familiar with tracking and used it before with rotoscoping, however, it was really interesting to see and try how it works in  Silhouette.

Next one are:
Articulated motions
Planar Tracking

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