Friday, 18 January 2013

Learning Silhouette #1 - Master Rotoscoping with SilhouetteFX

Master Rotoscoping with Silhouette - Complete 7+ hours Course (actual time 6 hours)

"Rotoscoping is absolutely essential for all types of Visual Effects works. The new video tutorial course, Master Rotoscoping with Silhouette demystifies this work and aims to take your skills quickly up to the next level. Using Silhouette, an industry standard tool, you learn not only button-pushing but actually how to analyse your shot, to save you time in what can be an extremely long and arduous job. Examine the full range of tools available to you to create the perfect mattes and masks."

Tutorial helps you to understand the principals of Rotoscoping. I haven't finished it yet, however from the very beginning you I can say, that it is worth buying.

Here is an example I've done. Using primitive shapes, to understand process, tools, interface...

The program itself has an intuitive interface, which is easy to learn. Moreover it is powerful software.

Here are few tips I've learned. They are similar to those I've learned in the previous tutorial.

  •  Do as little work as possible. This doesn't mean do poor work, it means that you must do most efficient work for the specific task you have.
  • You are an artist. Think like one, think like an animator when you are approach the shots. 
  • Analyse your shot. Be smart and don't do unnecessary work. Find important bits of your shots, what tools are you going to use to do most efficient work. 
  • Move shapes, not points. This will save time and make natural movement of your masks. 
  • if it ain't working...trash it. Sometimes, something doesn't work, no matte how many hours you spent on it. It is better to trash it and start over again. By starting over you are already familiar with all under water mines and can do even better work.

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